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Measure To Impose Trampoline Park Safety Rules Moves Through California Legislature

Jun 3, 2013

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A non-profit group wants trampoline parks in California to be safer, and it’s sponsored a bill to regulate them. Pauline Bartolone has more from Sacramento.

Tom Paper helped start the non-profit “Think Before You Bounce” after people he knew were injured at the trampoline parks.

“Imagine a single trampoline, but imagine now, 20 or 30 of them stitched together,” says Paper.

Paper’s organization estimates thousands of people may be getting hurt at the 26 trampoline parks in California. A bill moving through the California legislature would mandate the businesses train employees in safety, purchase liability insurance, be inspected by CalOSHA.

“They’re growing fast, the bad actors need to get weeded out, and we’re just asking for regulation that’s similar to what other amusement activities have,” says Paper.

But opponents of the bill say imposing safety rules on the trampoline parks may not result in fewer injuries. They say there’s no evidence people get hurt because of negligence.