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Legislative Battle Over Fracking Not Over

Jun 10, 2013

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The legislative battle over more stringent regulation of a controversial method of extracting oil and natural gas in California is far from over. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, lawmakers will discuss the issue once again this week.

The deadline for all bills to pass their chamber of origin or die has already passed. But last-minute Assembly floor amendments on a bill that would expand public disclosure of fracking chemicals sent it back to committee.

The bill, authored by Democratic Assembly member Bob Wieckowski, would require oil companies provide a complete list of chemicals used, their concentrations, how much water was used and how it was disposed of once fracking was complete.

Other major fracking legislation that passed the Senate would require permitting, public notification of fracking and an independent scientific study of fracking risks.

A recent USC Dornsife/ LA Times Poll shows 70-percent of California voters favor banning or heavily regulating the oil and gas extraction process.