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Lawmakers Tackle Bills on Dog Hunts, Guns, Voter Registration

Aug 28, 2012

Guns, dog hunting, Election Day voter registration are all issues the California legislature dealt with on Monday. California lawmakers kicked off their busiest week of the year by debating dozens of measures ahead of Friday’s end-of-session deadline.

Some measures still need one more vote to pass the legislature, such as a ban on openly carrying shotguns or rifles in public, and a bill that would require a three-foot buffer zone when a car passes a bicyclist.

Others are now on the way to Governor Jerry Brown, such as a bill that would ban the use of dogs to hunt bears or bobcats in California … a measure that would tighten regulations on Buy Here, Pay Here used car dealers … and a bill that would permit Election Day voter registration.

As for the governor, he signed more than two dozen bills already on his desk, including one that bans the use of urine tests on suspected drunk drivers – leaving the driver to choose between a blood test or a breathalyzer.