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Interview: Garry Bredefeld On Fresno Pot Sales Ban, Concealed Weapons

Sep 5, 2017

The first eight months of Garry Bredefeld's return to Fresno City Hall have been eventful. Some of his proposals, like adding a display of the nation's motto "In God We Trust" to the city council chambers, and a ban on marijuana dispensaries have either become law, or are on their way to doing so. Others, like his plan to allow city employees with concealed weapon permits to carry their guns while on the job, have met with opposition from either his colleagues on the council or Fresno Mayor Lee Brand. Thanks to those issues, some including GVWire's Bill McEwen have suggested Bredefeld has become more socially conservative since his last term on the council. This week on Valley Edition we spoke with Bredefeld about pot, guns and a changing Fresno.