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Hiring For Fresno Veterans Home to Begin Soon

Nov 12, 2012

An artists rendering of the Fresno Veterans Home

Two new California veterans’ homes that currently sit empty in Fresno and Redding could start filling up over the next year.  The state has announced it’s beginning to recruit hundreds of employees for the homes.

Ever since April, veterans’ homes in Fresno and Redding have had lights, air conditioning and water, but no veterans, or staff.  This year’s state budget set aside money to start hiring, and now the California Department of Veterans Affairs says it’s ready to begin the recruitment process.

“We’re going forward with these homes and getting the staff in place so that we can start hiring and bringing in the residents,” says CalVet’s J.P. Tremblay. 

He says the plan is to staff up starting early next year, and open the doors for residents next fall. 

“We start hiring clinical staff in April of 2013 with the target to admit the first residents in the fall of 2013,” says Tremblay.

Republican Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, who represents Redding, says it’s been a long time coming.

“Sometimes you get a little bit aggravated and frustrated.  I know a lot of the veterans have been," says Nielsen.

The homes still need additional funding to be approved in next year’s budget.