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Health Care Exchange Announces Benefit Plan Choices

Feb 14, 2013

Low-income Californians without health insurance or who aren’t eligible for Medi-Cal can now see which benefits they can expect under the federal health care overhaul- and how much their coverage will cost.

Californians eligible for federal subsidies can determine out-of-pocket costs for medications and doctor and hospital visits, as well as maximum annual costs.

Peter Lee is with the state’s health care exchange known as Covered California. He says consumers who aren’t offered federal subsidies will also be able to choose from a number of plans that offer the same benefits. The only difference will be the cost.

“We’re changing the focus of health insurance from being a shell game hiding from consumers what’s covered and what’s not covered to being about health insurance providing the best care possible to help people stay healthy, get care when they need it and lower costs,” says Lee.

The group representing California health insurers says requiring the same benefits and deductibles for each category of coverage may reduce confusion but may also increase premiums.

All of the information is available on Covered California’s new website