Harold Ramis Has Died At 69

Feb 25, 2014

Actor, director and writer Harold Ramis, who’s known for writing and directing “Caddyshack” and “Groundhog Day,” and co-writing and co-starring in “Ghostbusters,” has died at age 69.


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The man best known onscreen for his role in "Ghostbusters" has died. 69-year-old actor and director Harold Ramis died from complications from a rare autoimmune disease. He wrote comedy classics like "Caddyshack," "Animal House" and "Groundhog Day." He also starred in several films, perhaps most notably as Dr. Egon Spengler in the 1984 hit "Ghostbusters."


HAROLD RAMIS: (As Dr. Egon Spengler) There's something very important I forgot to tell you.

BILL MURRAY: (As Peter Venkman) What?

RAMIS: (As Dr. Egon Spengler) Don't cross the streams.

MURRAY: (As Peter Venkman) Why?

RAMIS: (As Dr. Egon Spengler) It would be bad.

MURRAY: (As Peter Venkman) I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean bad?

RAMIS: (As Dr. Egon Spengler) Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.

DAN AYKROYD: (As Dr. Ray Stantz) Total protonic reversal.

MURRAY: (As Peter Venkman) Right. That's bad. OK. All right. Important safety tip. Thanks, Egon.

HOBSON: Ramis also starred in the military spoof "Stripes."


RAMIS: (As Russell Ziskey) I've always been kind of a pacifist. When I was a kid, my father told me, never hit anyone in anger unless you're absolutely sure you can get away with it. I don't know what kind of soldier I'm going to make, but I want you guys to know that if we ever get into real heavy combat, I'll be right behind you guys every step of the way.

HOBSON: Harold Ramis' wife, Erica, says he was surrounded by family when he died in Chicago. That's where he got started in comedy as head writer for "Second City Television."

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