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Governor Jerry Brown On CNN: Country In Slow Recovery

Sep 10, 2012

California Governor Jerry Brown - file photo
Credit Amy Quinton / Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown was on national TV over-the-weekend weighing-in on the presidential election.

He was among the guest line-ups for the Sunday TV news shows, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Brown said President Obama has laid a foundation for economic recovery and job creation.

And he argued against Mitt Romney’s “supply-side” economic plan of lowering taxes on corporations to help spur job growth.

“That’s different then investing in more teachers and more policemen or high-speed rail, or the kind of things that takes government…and yes, government does need some revenue. So I do think, in terms of the jobs that are going to put Americans to work, I heard a difference between the Democratic Convention and the Republican.”

Brown said the country is in a slow recovery and it’ll keep recovering “with any luck.”