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Governor Brown Says Delta Tunnel System on Track

Oct 23, 2012

California Governor Jerry Brown says plans to build a 14 billion dollar pair of tunnels to move water from northern California to the south are on track.

In an interview with Capital Public Radio, Governor Brown estimates that it may take a year and a half before construction could begin on the massive tunnel system.

He unveiled plans in July for a system that would siphon water from the Sacramento River and carry it underground to cities and farmland in the south.

Brown isn’t backing down from the proposal despite repeated complaints from environmentalists and Delta area legislators. He says the goal is to have a reliable water supply.

“The levees are made out of dirt, dirt can fail. In an earthquake, if it fails, half the water that Santa Clara county needs, won’t be there. Major farmers and small farmers would be wiped out. This would not be a good thing, in fact it would be a catastrophe.”

Brown says an environmental impact review needs to be completed, followed by a water board review and federal permitting.