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Governor Brown Calls Hidden Funds at CAL FIRE 'Boring Story'

Feb 5, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown
Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown is calling news that the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection hid funds in a nonprofit account for several years a "boring story."

As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, Republicans are criticizing what they call Brown’s casual dismissal of the news.

The discovery of  $3.5 million of unreported money at CAL FIRE didn’t get much of a response from the Democratic governor.

He admitted he hadn’t read the newspaper accounts of the case that’s similar to last year’s state parks scandal. And he called it boring, but he says he won’t take it lightly. 

“I always like stories that say we got more money than we thought we had. We’ll certainly look into it. We’re not going to not take it seriously. If there is a few million bucks lying around or somebody didn’t put it in the right account, we’ll figure it out,” said Brown.

Republican Senate leader Bob Huff criticized the Governor’s remarks. He said “boring” is the last word he would use to describe what he called a “disturbing revelation of hidden funds."