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Faced With Measure W, Fresno Council Revokes Water Rate Increase

Jul 31, 2014

Fresno City Hall (file photo)

The Fresno City Council voted Thursday to repeal a city water plan they introduced in 2013, after a referendum petition known as Measure W threatened to put the repeal before voters.

Measure W began as a grassroots campaign and eventually collected 5500 signatures, enough to become a ballot measure. The water plan it helped repeal involved increasing Fresno residents' water bills to pay for a $410 million-upgrade to the city's water infrastructure. City Councilmember Steve Brandau:

Brandau: "I think we can do a little bit better on this one, so I'm going to vote to start over. I do want to say very clearly that I do believe that Fresno needs water infrastructure."

The City Council agreed to wait until January to revisit water rate hikes.