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Episode 364: Should We Kill The Dollar Bill?

Nov 30, 2012
Originally published on November 30, 2012 4:28 pm

Note: This week's Congressional hearing on dollar coins prompted us to re-run this episode today. It originally ran in April of this year. For more, see our post from yesterday.

Legislation in Congress would get rid of dollar bills and replace them with coins. Proponents say coins are easier to use and save the country money in the long run. The bill people say none of this is true.

Should we kill the dollar bill?

On today's show we go deep into the nature of money itself, and we find a clear answer to this question.

We haul in a giant box of coins, talk to the guy who actually makes dollar bills, and watch a Senator try to use a vending machine.

For More:

See our story, Should We Kill The Dollar Bill?. Read the GAO report on replacing the dollar bill with dollar coins, and see the update to the report. And see the report Canada wrote before it got rid of its $1 bill.

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