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Dueling Tax Measures Release New TV Ads

Oct 4, 2012

A frame from a new TV ad from the Yes on 38 campaign

The campaigns for two rival tax measures on California’s November ballot each have new TV ads going on the air. That includes the first ones in support of Proposition 30, Governor Jerry Brown’s sales and income tax initiative.

“Join California teachers to restore school programs and reduce class sizes.”

Some of the Prop 30 ads feature teachers, while others, feature Governor Brown like this one:

“For the students and for California’s future, vote Yes on 30.”

Several make this claim:

“Money must go to the classroom and can’t be touched by Sacramento politicians.”

But the legislative analyst’s office says that’s not true. The legislature and governor will determine the use of those funds. Meanwhile, the rival tax measure backed by wealthy education advocate Molly Munger has a new ad on the air as well:

“Prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. The money stays at the school site.”

Munger’s earlier ads took shots at Brown’s Prop 30, but this new ad stays positive. Still, with Prop 30 supporters far out-raising opponents, political analysts say Prop 38 ads could play a big role in the outcome of Prop 30.