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CSU Trustees Approve Tuition Changes; Anti-Tax Group Threatens Lawsuit

Sep 19, 2012

Fresno State, one of the CSU system's 23 campuses
Credit Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

California State University trustees have set the stakes for the November election. If Governor Jerry Brown’s sales and income tax measure passes, the CSU will roll back a previously-approved nine percent tuition increase. If Proposition 30 fails, the university will leave it in place – and tack on an additional five percent increase.

Meanwhile, a draft letter to CSU applicants about Prop 30’s impact has Jon Coupal with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association threatening a lawsuit.

“To specifically reference Prop 30 and actually try to predict what happens if Prop 30 passes or does not pass is going beyond an informational activity and gets into the realm of political advocacy.”

The letter reportedly tells applicants that Prop 30 will affect how many students the CSU can enroll … and that the Board of Trustees has endorsed the measure. A CSU spokesman says the university believes the letter is legal.