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Corporate Partner Profile: Darius Assemi, Granville Homes

Jul 13, 2012

One of Valley Public Radio’s champions in the community for a long time has been Darius Assemi and his company, Granville Homes. Granville’s support of FM89 programs through corporate underwriting is one of the partnerships the station is proudest of, and Mr. Assemi shared with us recently what brought Granville to public radio, and why they support FM89.

“As an immigrant, I feel that having access to information is something we take for granted in this country,” Mr. Assemi said. “That’s why we’re grateful that we have a resource like VPR and the financial opportunity to underwrite the programming.”

Mr. Assemi cites NPR and Valley Public Radio news coverage as what he finds most appealing about the station. “Valley Public Radio offers unbiased, non-sensationalized news. That’s what attracted my company, and me personally. It’s unfiltered, very balanced; it’s not just stories about ‘cops and robbers,’ but about issues that are important and that impact our lives both locally and around the world.”

Valley Public Radio thanks Mr. Assemi and Granville Homes for their years of support. If you’d like to find out how your company can become an FM89 corporate partner, contact Carolyn Carter, at (800) 275-0764, ext. 19, or at