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Contraception, Vaccine Bills Pass California Senate

Aug 23, 2012

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Two major health-related bills passed the California Senate Wednesday. One bill would require a doctor’s signature before a parent can opt out of a vaccination for their child. Democratic Senator Lois Wolk says the bill doesn’t take away parental rights, just requires a doctor’s visit.

“If, at the end of that you decide that you want an immunization for your child, fine. If you don’t, you don’t need to get one. You just have to have that conversation with a medical professional.”

Republican Senator Bob Dutton says there are other ways to get parents information about immunizations.

“What this really is, is another attempt to have us force parents into a situation, incur additional cost, and I just don’t think that that’s what is in the best interest.”

Another bill that passed the Senate would give registered nurses the power to dispense contraception.

Both bills need to go back to the Assembly before they hit Governor Brown’s desk.