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California Legislature Approves $156 Billion Budget

Jun 16, 2014

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California’s new budget includes money for education, debt repayment and controversial projects like high speed rail. Katie Orr has details from Sacramento on last night’s budget vote.

California lawmakers spent father’s day debating the 156 billion spending plan. 108 billion of that makes up the state’s general fund. Democratic Senator Mark Leno says Money will go towards paying off debt, and building up a rainy day reserve and supporting California's children.

Leno: ”This budget demonstrates a major commitment to public education. Significant expansion of child care. Steps to restore cuts made to providers to shore up the infrastructure of our state childcare system.”

One of the most controversial issues involved using about $250 million from Cap and Trade revenues to fund High Speed Rail. Republicans called the multi- billion project illegal and say it's unwise to put more money toward it. Assemblyman Jeff Gorell says the project has already suffered several mortal blows.

Gorell: “And yet, by continuing to be insistent upon appropriating state and rate payer money toward this failed project, it seems like this legislative body and the governor are trying to stand up and say that this is merely a flesh wound. This is not. High Speed rail is dead.”

The budget will now go to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.