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California Bill Would Give Unemployed Teachers Benefits While Training

Aug 3, 2012

Out-of-work teachers in California would be able to collect unemployment benefits while training in high demand subject areas under a bill lawmakers are considering. The bill’s author says it’s designed to help the nearly 20-thousand unemployed teachers.

Democratic Senator Noreen Evans authored the bill that she says would help unemployed teachers who want to get credentialed in science, math or special education. Under current law, if out-of-work teachers want that training, they lose their benefits. Evans says that’s not fair.

“Basically it’s making lemonade out of lemons, taking those teachers that are not able to find work right now and getting them ready to meet the needs of the future.”

The bill passed the Senate earlier this year on a party line vote and is now in the Assembly. Senate Republicans say the intention of the legislation is good, but their analysis found it could have major state costs. If just a thousand teachers participated in the 26 week training, it could cost the state $12 million.