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California Air Resources Board Maps Air Polluters

Aug 7, 2012

The California Air Resources Board has created a map that shows the state’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. It is a significant step in the development of California’s Cap and Trade program.

On the new Google Earth map are 625 facilities that each produce more than 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually. The map breaks down facilities by industry, zip code and emissions. But, Stanley Young with the Air Resources Board says state-to-state comparisons aren’t yet available.

“The U.S. EPA does not at this point include the Google Earth application, so you can’t compare one facility to another.”

The map also gives no information about the facilities besides the type of pollution they create. Obadiah Bartholomy with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District hopes that changes.

“Our Cosumnes Power Plant, which is one of the largest emitters, also happens to be one of the top-ten cleanest, most efficient natural gas-burning facilities in the country.”

CARB says the information is critical to establishing the Cap and Trade program that goes into effect January 1st.

You can explore the map at the CARB website here.