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Brown's Prop 30 is Focus as Campaign Season Kicks Off

Sep 3, 2012

It’s often said that Labor Day marks the traditional kickoff to campaign season.  And as California voters begin to turn their attention now to the 11 statewide ballot measures this fall, one initiative is by far drawing the most attention.

Proposition 30 is Governor Jerry Brown’s bid to raise the sales and income taxes to help close the state’s festering budget deficit. The governor has a big fundraising advantage – and he’s managed to keep some powerful opponents on the sidelines. Mark DiCamillo runs the non-partisan Field Poll, and he says Prop 30 holds a steady lead.

“The polling that I’ve seen on the Brown measure has been fairly stable. It could continue that way. There is no real reason to believe that you’re going to see wild swings unless you start to see a well-coordinated 'No' campaign. And right now, it hasn’t materialized.”

If it does materialize, DiCamillo says opponents could have plenty of ammunition. Anti-tax advocates are already pointing to the money scandal in the State Parks Department and the governor’s support for California’s high-speed rail project.