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Brown Says California Will Do Its Part On Immigration Crisis

Jul 24, 2014

California Governor Jerry Brown says the surge of undocumented immigrant children crossing into the United States from Central America is a humanitarian problem rather than a political one. (file photo)
Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown is taking a trade trip to Mexico next week. As Katie Orr reports from Sacramento Brown weighed in Wednesday on what Mexico and California can do to help with the current immigration crisis.

Brown says it’s primarily up to federal government to deal with the influx of immigrant children crossing into the United State from Central America. But he says strong relationships between places like Mexico and California can help ease the situation. Brown says the surge of immigrants is more than a political problem.  

Brown: “It’s really a humanitarian question. And I’m very happy to see that a number of conservatives have taken a more compassionate view. And I think if we do that we’ll be able to work it out. And certainly California’s willing to do its part.”

Brown is leading a large trade delegation on a four day trip to Mexico beginning on Sunday. He says a positive relationship with the country is fundamental to California’s well-being.