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Brown, Democratic Leaders Announce Budget Deal

Jun 11, 2013

Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

It wasn’t too many years ago California could barely get a budget passed. But as Katie Orr reports from Sacramento, things are different this year.

California Governor Jerry Brown was joined by Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John Perez to confirm a three-way budget deal.

All appeared proud of their agreement, which was reached with time to spare before Saturday’s legislative budget deadline. Steinberg pointed out meeting that deadline is becoming routine.

“Ho-hum, another on time, balanced budget in California. This is the third year in a row and this one feels even better than the first two,” says Steinberg.

Perhaps it felt better because the state was able to restore some services this year. Money went to healthcare, schools and welfare. California will spend about $96 billion next fiscal year and put $1.1 billion in a reserve. And Brown says he’s going to try to make the money last as long as possible.

“We have boom and bust. Money comes in, money goes out. And I’m trying to be a good, prudent steward of the people’s money,” says Brown. 

Brown won kudos from Republicans like Senate Budget Vice-Chair Bill Emmerson for keeping new spending to a minimum. Still, Emmerson had some critiques.

"I would liked to have seen more paying down the wall of debt and increasing the amount of money in the reserves and limiting new spending in programs," says Emmerson. 

Republicans also complain they were kept in the dark about many budget details.