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Brown, California Mayors Talk Water, High-Speed Rail and More

Jun 19, 2013

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido (left), Los Angeles Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson talk with reporters after meeting with Gov. Jerry Brown at the Capitol Wednesday.
Credit Bob Moffitt / Capital Public Radio

The mayors of California’s largest cities met with Governor Jerry Brown today at the state Capitol.  They talked about a host of issues including prison realignment, high speed rail and the governor’s proposed Delta water project.

Los Angeles Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti says more pension reform is needed, even after last year’s legislation.

“If we do not address this problem and look at this with seriousness –and I think this group of mayors wants to help the Governor and the state legislature continue to do that, we will see deficits balloon in coming years,” says Garcetti.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says the talks were positive even if everyone didn’t agree.

“All of it relates to all of us, but the water issue -that was a top, important issues for the Governor. I don’t quite see that in the same light that he does when you’re talking about the Delta and water and going to Southern California,” says Johnson.

The mayors thanked the governor for a balanced budget that doesn’t use local revenues and that increases some medical benefits.