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Break It Up: Should California Split Into Six States?

Mar 4, 2014

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California is the nation's most populous state. Its farms feed the nation, its studios and filmmakers entertain the world, and its technology companies help define our future. But some say the state is simply too large, too diverse and too unwieldy to govern effectively. 

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Tim Draper says it's time to split up the Golden State, and he's helping to fund a signature campaign to put the issue before voters this fall. His plan envisions the dissolution of the existing California and the creation of six new states, including the new state of "Central California." He joined us on Valley Edition recently to talk about this plan. 

Draper says the new system will give Californians more local control over key issues like education and water. But critics say that the new states would be dramatically different in terms of wealth and demographics, and that the state's problems don't require such drastic action. 

Legislative Analysts Office report on the Six Californias proposal...