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Betancourt Seeks Balance Between Environment, Ag in 'Ten Reasons'

Aug 13, 2013

Kerman farmer Paul Betancourt says it's time to Californians to abandon that idea that a healthy environment and a healthy agriculture economy can't co-exist. His new book "Ten Reasons: Finding Balance on Environmental Issues" seeks to find solutions that are both economically practical and environmentally beneficial. 

Betancourt, a Southern California native who has farmed in the San Joaquin Valley for over 30 years, says that consumers need to have a better appreciation of the challenges that farmers face, and where their food comes from. He says farmers will comply with stringent environmental and labor laws, but he adds that consumers need to uphold their end of what he calls the "social contract" by purchasing their food, instead of cheaper, foreign imports.

He spoke with us about his new book on FM89's Valley Edition, and discussed issues ranging from high speed rail to Governor Brown's plan for twin tunnels beneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.