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Attorney General Harris Urges Fast Action on Same-Sex Marriage

Jun 26, 2013

California Attorney General Kamala Harris (file photo)
Credit The Aspen Institute / Creative Commons

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively overturning California’s Proposition 8 isn’t the last word on the case. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals must act before same-sex marriages can resume in the state.

The Supreme Court ruling won’t officially make it to the Ninth Circuit for 25 days. But state Attorney General Kamala Harris says the Appeals Court can act immediately and it should.

“We cannot delay or deny individuals their civil rights. And for that reason I urge the Ninth Circuit to lift the stay as early as possible,” says Harris.

Harris says as soon as the stay is lifted, California’s 58 counties must start issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Recent polls show about 60 percent of Californians support same-sex marriage