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After Years Of Effort, Plastic Bag Ban Heads To Governor

Sep 3, 2014

Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

A bill banning single-use plastic grocery bags passed in the California legislature. It's up to Governor Brown to decide if it will become law. 

The effort to pass legislation banning single-use plastic bags lasted for years. Environmental groups have pushed bills to ban the bags in previous sessions.

But this year, after some tweaks to the bill during the session, lawmakers approved it. Dan Jacobson with Environment California says the key this year was cooperation.

Jacobson: "The biggest difference that we had, was when we had opponents to the bill the past couple of years, instead of rejecting what they were saying and just not listening, we sat down and really listened to what the opponents said to us."

Now the bill is on Governor Brown's desk. Jacobson will not predict whether the governor will sign or veto the bag ban legislation.