New Facility



Our goal is to engage the San Joaquin Valley community, while strengthening alliances with local organizations and to expand local news  coverage in our region through the construction of a permanent facility located at the Technology Park at Temperance and Highway 168 in Clovis, CA.


Why is the station moving?   

  • Since its founding in 1975, Valley Public Radio, has been an expression and symbol of the local community.  Through the generous support of members, local business, and foundations, the station has evolved into a vital and trusted community resource, ready to expand the news coverage and cultural life presentations reflecting the traditions of the San Joaquin Valley. 
  • FM89 has resided in the current leased facility for over 25 years and during that time, has become an even greater community resource for not only listeners, but for students and a reliable voice for civic organizations.  Our facility is limited in studio and production space, is not able to accommodate musical groups, interns or civic meetings.   We have run out of space, yet the demand for opportunities to reflect on the local culture and report news stories has dramatically increased.  Since other media have decided to decrease their role in terms of local stories and reporting, the demand for this local voice is more important than ever and reflects the community’s desire for access to information and dialogue.    

Why Clovis? 

  • The Technology Park in Clovis is an ideal location for a permanent home for Valley Public Radio.  FM89’s transmitter is located at Meadow Lakes and there is a clear line of sight to the transmitter, without any structural blockages in the way.  This is why suggested locations like downtown Fresno would not work, as there are tall buildings obstructing the transmission of the signal.  This location is ideal for the signal and the purchase price was more than reasonable.  The owners were not only willing to sell, but have made generous gifts in support of this project.     

The new facility is much larger, why the additional space? 

  • The administrative offices will remain virtually the same, with the exception of space to house student interns and additional volunteers.  Nearly all of the expansion is dedicated to studio and production space. 
  • Because the station is a resource for strengthening the civic and cultural life of the region  the station needs space not only for cultural presentations, news reporting, but needs to serve as a community gathering space.  Valley Public Radio is not just a broadcaster, but a convener and an educator in the community.  We serve many audiences on various platforms. 
  • In January 2014, the news team was awarded the RTDNA award for small markets for local news coverage.  Partners hips with The James Irvine Foundation, California Health Care Foundation, California Humanities and The California Endowment have encouraged and fostered the coverage of local stories.  The new facility will make it possible to sustain and expand this important effort.    

Reflection on the Cultural Life of the Valley

  • Expanding the local coverage includes the cultural life of the Valley.  The station is proud to present  musical  groups, including young artists from around the Valley, guest  artists with the local symphonies and short readings by local authors reflecting the stories of the Valley.  This is one more collaborative opportunity that encourages community pride.    
  • Cultural presentations not only help us understand our past, but make it possible for us to better plan for our future.  The San Joaquin Valley is rich in culture and traditions that make the Valley our home.    

Engaging the Community

  • By building our new facility, we are positioned to expand our local coverage on the journalism and cultural continuum.  This will give the station additional opportunity to cover the life of a growing and thriving San Joaquin Valley.  Local and Regional partnerships will be expanded, thus bringing us together for the enrichment of the Valley. 
  • Students will have an opportunity to learn about the journalism, philanthropy, music and the business of non-profit organizations and their role in developing healthy communities.      
  • Community groups will have an opportunity to express their voices in the new facility, as well as come together to work on local issues. 
  • The new facility will inspire deeper engagement with the community in ways we have not yet imagined and instead of dedicating lease funds to operations, these funds can be committed directly to programming, a direct benefit to the listener.

Moving into the future

As we embark upon this campaign we are counting on our most devoted listeners and supporters to step forward and participate in this project.  This is a crucial moment for the station and for the community.  Helping us reach this goal is about helping to promote a critical and vital voice for the San Joaquin.  This is about gaining access to information not only globally but about what is happening in our Valley and how we as engaged citizens come together.    

When will construction begin/when does the station plan to move?

The plan is to begin construction in the first quarter of 2015, with a move-in date of early 2016.   

The station needs to raise $1.2 million BEFORE we break ground and then another $2 million to complete construction and relocation.   Ideally, the station will convert the current lease payment to a mortgage payment until the project is paid off.  


Your support of this project can help build a permanent forum for information, expand local news reporting and help us appreciate the many cultural traditions of the San Joaquin Valley. 

Engaging the community... for future generations.


Contact information...   Mariam Stepanian, President & General Manager     Joe Garcia, Development Director