molly munger en Proposition 38: Molly Munger's Tax Initative <p>Californians will soon decide whether they want to increase taxes to support public schools. Our election 2012 coverage continues with a report on Proposition 38.</p><p>If you watch TV in California, you’ve probably seen the commercials. They’ve aired in every major market.</p><p>Prop 38 would raise about 10 billion dollars a year for K-12 schools starting in 2013, by taxing all but the poorest Californians. Behind the TV ads and Proposition 38 is wealthy civil rights attorney Molly Munger.</p> Thu, 18 Oct 2012 18:34:13 +0000 Amy Quinton 5651 at Battle Between Two Rival Tax Measures on California's Ballot Heating Up <p>The battle between two rival tax measures on California’s November ballot is heating up. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, Proposition 38 proponent Molly Munger has released a new TV ad blasting Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30.</p><p>Despite Munger spending more than $30 million &nbsp;on her tax measure, until now the campaign for Proposition 38 has avoided mentioning Proposition 30.</p><p>But Munger’s latest ad criticizes the Governor’s competing tax initiative, saying it allows politicians to take money away from schools.</p> Tue, 09 Oct 2012 23:01:48 +0000 Amy Quinton 5206 at Battle Between Two Rival Tax Measures on California's Ballot Heating Up Molly Munger Criticizes California Governor Jerry Brown's Tax Measure <p>Proposition 38 proponent Molly Munger says California Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiative doesn’t do enough for schools. But she also says she understands if voters cast their ballots for both measures.</p><p>Munger’s Proposition 38 would generate about 10 billion dollars annually for schools by taxing all but the poorest Californians. The Governor’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, raises about $6 billion a year primarily by taxing the wealthy, and through a sales tax increase.</p> Mon, 24 Sep 2012 16:52:29 +0000 Amy Quinton 4451 at