disease http://kvpr.org en Fresno County Reports First West Nile Death of 2012 http://kvpr.org/post/fresno-county-reports-first-west-nile-death-2012 <p>An elderly Fresno County woman is dead today after contracting West Nile virus. Her death is the second in California associated with the virus this year. She had been hospitalized prior to her death.</p><p>The Fresno County Department of Public Health released a statement today indicating that there have been 26 cases of West Nile virus in humans throughout the state this year. In 2011, the state reported a total of 158 cases with 9 deaths. Fresno County had 9 reported cases of the illness in 2011, with no deaths.</p> Tue, 21 Aug 2012 21:39:26 +0000 Joe Moore 2649 at http://kvpr.org Hantavirus Sickens 2, Kills 1 in Yosemite http://kvpr.org/post/hantavirus-sickens-2-kills-1-yosemite <p>One California resident is dead and another is ill today after contracting a rare disease spread by deer mice while vacationing at Yosemite National Park. Officials with the State Department of Public Health announced today that they believe the individuals contracted the disease while staying at Yosemite's Curry Village.</p><p>Hantavirus is rare in the state, but the disease is often deadly. Since 1993 there have been 60 cases of the disease in California, and about one third of those cases have been fatal.</p> Thu, 16 Aug 2012 23:10:39 +0000 Joe Moore 2404 at http://kvpr.org Hantavirus Sickens 2, Kills 1 in Yosemite