air en Valley Cities Top National Lists For Air Pollution <p></p><p></p><p>If you’re expecting clean air in the San Joaquin Valley, don’t hold your breath.</p><p>The American Lung Association released this week its annual State of the Air report. It shows that Valley cities continue to top the lists for the most polluted areas in the nation for ozone, short-term particle pollution, and annual particle pollution.</p> Wed, 24 Apr 2013 16:53:47 +0000 Rebecca Plevin 14090 at Valley Cities Top National Lists For Air Pollution Capitol Rally For Valley Air Tackles Fracking, CEQA Reforms <p>Around 40 environmental and public health activists from the San Joaquin Valley staged a rally today at the state capitol, pushing for a wide range of regulatory and legislative actions that they claim will improve air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.</p><p>The Central Valley Air Quality Coalition traveled to Sacramento to gather public support and to meet with legislators on a number of environmental issues. The group is asking the legislature to fund more air quality monitors in the Valley and in the Sierra, as well as to restore a monitoring site in Arvin that had been moved.</p> Wed, 15 Aug 2012 23:08:28 +0000 Joe Moore 2330 at UC Merced Study Rates Valley's Progress on Environment <p>Researchers say the Central Valley has made environmental improvements, just not as much as they&#39;d like. That&#39;s according to a new study released today by UC Merced and The Great Valley Center.</p><p>The results of the study indicate that watersheds are reaching normal levels, wetland habitat restoration is on the rise, urbanization is slowing, and key air quality indicators are improving. Director of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute, Roger Bales, says these are important indicators in the quality of land, water, and air in the region.</p> Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:47:39 +0000 Gabriela Ornelas 540 at On Valley Edition: Federal Court Backlog; Air Pollution; California ShakeOut <p>This week on Valley Edition we talk about how political gridlock in Washington D.C. has created an unprecedented backlog at the Federal Courthouse in Fresno. Recently retired justice Oliver Wanger joins us for this special report. We also look at a new study that links spikes in air pollution with stays at local hospitals.</p> Wed, 19 Oct 2011 01:26:44 +0000 Juanita Stevenson 1174 at On Valley Edition: Federal Court Backlog; Air Pollution; California ShakeOut